MAKING MONEY FROM DISCUSSIONS
 As you know there are many ways to make money from the internet one or other type of online jobs can be suited for you But you ever heard that if you will join in the discussions then you are paid for your discussions sounds funny but its true you can get paid for the discussions thre are some sites that will pay you some amount if you participate in the general discussions like differnt product reviews If you have any questions then you can post that question as a discussion and when users will come across this discussions read it share it or comment on it then your balance will automatically be increased one of this ype of the site i will buggesting about is the

This is a very good site to make money from this sites doesn't pays you much more money but they pay you a good amount of money you dont need to be an expert or a very good writer to join this type of discussions even a small kid in KG can join in this discussions a he can even write about his favorite chocolate and make money from this sites I will suggest you to join this sites only if you have some patience to make more money as this type of sites not pays you lots of amount as google adsense and big companies do but it pays you what you can wxpect to buy a new jeans for you there payouts are about 0.02$ per discussions and also they are paying on time they pay you even if you will refer your friends to them this is a very good idea of making money by referring your friends let them work for you and you can take a long rest infront of your televison or sitting in your gardens .

They pays you by paypal so you will need to have an paypal account inorder to have to take your commissions on time there are no risks involved in this business you just have to discuss about the topics you like and all else will be done by this my lot site I have made much more money from this site but to tell you frankly i have never thought of making money from this site but actually i like to write about the products i like i have joined this discussion board to share my views with the peoples as iam discussing with this post but once i have started posting my discussions they paid me a good amount $10 for my first 10 days and now iam making even more money its really very intresting discussion board where you can connect with different peoples and make you more and more money just give a try to this site

Please leave your comments below so i will be able to serve you better with this kind of online jobs

dont forgot my new blog which will be my primary blog from now

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Why to pay more for the webhosting companies when you are getting the free webhosing service with features like adding own domain names, sql servers, php, fantastico script installer and even unlimited free email addresses Dont think iam jocking its really true and you can get all this features without sprnding a single penny Isnt it intresting so why dont you give a try for this webhosting service 

I have already mentioned about the free domain name thats on 
Now iam writting about the free webhosting service that will give you all the facilities You can purchase a free domain name at the provider and then host your website at the free hosting service  like

This is the best webhosting service i have ever used it really works good and also their uptime is very quick you dont have to be master of websites to host your site on this webhosting services instead it gives you very easy navigations and step by step process to host your somain name on their webosting service there are much more features they are providing and also they never put their ads on your sites .You will get the service like paid webhostings only if you want to host your domain name then just navigate to the add domain link and add your new domain name there thats all free webhosting will do the remaining work or you .I'snt it not intresting ?
If you still have any problem hosting your site dont worry just leave a comment i will always be happy to solve your queries

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This describes how to promote your blogs in search engines Most of the people have created their blogs and witten lots of posts by their hard work but what if no one watches their ideas and information its of no use having a blog a blog can be thought as a personal diary to tell the world about you .your intrests and some of your ideas .

If you have a blog which has good page rank then i am sure that you can really become a famous person and you can use the same blog to earn some handsome income.To do this you need to put some efforts first and the formost thing is 
Fill your blog with more than 50 posts of same topics and submit it to the search engines like google,yahoo,etc.

2.Follow others blogs and leave as much as comments on their blogs so try to insert your blogs reference link in their blog so you will be able to get more backlinks whick helps you to increase your blogs rank.

3.Join in differnt forums and also write the ezine artiles and leave a link of your blog at your signature in forums and also in the articles .

4.Submit your blogs at all blog directories as technorati, blog catalog etc.

5.Update your blog periodically and once updated ping it with the services like so as to tell the search engines that your blog is updated.

Follow this simple steps and i am damn sure that you will be able to increase your blogs visibility and the rank of your blog within some weeks.
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peoples are spending thousands of dollars on buying domain names some of the small website owners are paying more than what they can earn from their website.
What if you will get a free domain name with all the facilites like url forwarding, dns 
evrything you are getting with the free domain name. is a site just launched where you can get a free domain name totally free of cost 
If you are a good webmaster then it will be very good for you to get the free domain name .Some peoples are spending lots of money on writting their blogs but blogs doesnt get that much traffic As a website .
If you are having a website then peoples impressions about you is good  I am also using this free domain name and i feel it doesnt makes any differnce that of .com domain names
it just looks like, in the same manner  the domain name comes 
If you really want to own your free domain name then please give a try to this
Ihave registered one name on
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mozilla 7.0 released security features added


They have added mmany features to this browser including some secured techniques to protect your data from hackers.
It also loads the pages very fast then there existing browser i think this browser will give good competition to all others including google chrome internet explorer an everyone else.
This is the best broser i feel because first of all its open source free to use ad really a secured browser.
You can view differnt types of scripts on it.
One more feature about it is there are many plugins and addons are developed for mozilla and you can add it or create it and make mozilla more better.

If you really want to browse the net securely i suggest you to please go for the mozilla firefox you will really love using that browser
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started making money with

Hello friends finally after long time I got the secret of money making and i have started making around 50-60 Rs a day Its my starting days thats why earnings are low but once i will get some more experience then i start making more than this within hours. is an online tv channel where we can watch our favorite channels on our pc its really very good and loads very quickly and they are in their beta stage now even though i found they are very responsible.There are many indian and foreign channels that you can watch using this .It was all about how to use nautanki tv but the next question is:

You can really make money from it you it works similar to that of you tube.
To make money from it you just have to visit this site at then sign up as a publisher once you are approved by them you will be able to login into members area .Here you will get a widget code of differnt channels you want to display to your users.
choose any widget and just paste the code into your websites html .Within seconds you will be able to watch television on your site.And another profit of this is it will keep your website visitors for more time on your site so more visitors will start coming to your site.
Please give atry to this publishers program and iam sure that you will really be happy to use it.
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