yahoo is coming up with publisher programs

Good news to all as we all webmasters no that google is banding our adsense accounts for silly reasons and they never respond to our queries also as a alternative to this we were searching for a best program and to tell you yahoo's publisher program is going to launch shortly.Now they are in their beta state that is the testing state and they are accepting the us publishers only but shortly they are gonna accepy us all and we will start maki ng more then google adsense ads.

They have still not revealed that when they are going to extend their chain o the international publishers but after some weeks they are surely gonna accept mst of the publishers.

MSN is also coming with such program but i will let you know about this after some days
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How To Make Money From Blogs
Many peoples are always asking me this question that whether they can make money from blogs my answer will be yes you can make mony from blogs there are many ways to make money from blogs but i will tell you only the best businesses where you will surely earn good amount

If you have a blog and want to make money then 1 st thing is you should allow advertising companies to advertise on your site by providing them small space on your blog.

There are many companies that puts advertises on your blog and pays you when your visitors will click on their ads there are thousands of advertising companies but i will suggest you only the best sites

some of the companies which provide you pay per click advertises

1. Google Adsense
This is the best company but now it does not accept more publishers if your blog really has a good content then only they may advertise on your blog or site .They rarely accepts the applications from site owners.

2. Adbrite
Adbrite is the another advertising program which serves ads on your blogs and you will be able to make money once peoples will click on their ads so if you want to try this then this is a very good alternative to the google adsense and the CTR of their ads are very can try this
to join now click here

3. Bidvertiser
Bidvertisers is also a good publisher programm if you want to make extra monet then you can put boyh adbrite and bidvertiser ads on the same blog but try to choose online business category when choosing for ads on bidvertisers

This are the best programms to you where you can make more money from blogs there are other sites also but i will never suggest you those sites as there are not good results experienced by anyone.


pay per post are the best programs for the bloggers i suggest to check for pay per post programms visit my pay per post program article.

some of the sites which provides you on pay per post basis are the

1.Pay Per Post

This is the best pay per post site where peoples can make money by wrirting product information of advertiser ads .You can get paid from 10$ to 15$ depending upon your article .
They accept the sites which meet certain criterias that your blog must be minnimum 90 days old it must.


smorty is another pay per post program similar to that of the Pay per post you can check out it also.

There are many more ways to make money online but first of all you try this once you will get some expeience in this businesses then you can start other businesses if you want to knoew about that businesses then you can contact me or directly leave a comment i will be responding to your queries .

Dont waste time and start your business right now.But please never expect overnight income streams because as per my experience i am spending 3 hours a day to make around 25$ everyday.
If you want to purchase your own domain name and a powerful website then you can check my parteners site where you can host your website as low as $0.99 per month

Check it out.

If you want to increse your page rank then you can exchange your link here.
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As you all know clicking on your own ads is against google adsense policy and they treat such cases very seriously and also disable your accounts

what this topic is about?
ok i will tell you some of my views why we should never cheat google adsense by clicking on our own ads which is termed as invalid clicks.
actually google is very big company and if you will try to cheat them then there will not be much problem for the google but always think about the small advertisers like me and you what we are going to if the small amount we are investing is eaten up by greedy publishers.

Keep in mind that this is also a type of cheating only and why to cheat adsense instead of spending time on clicking on your own ads try to improve the content of your website and also try to get more visitors to your site by linking your site on other forums and free classifieds.

There are different types of adsense cheats and also some peoples use robotic clickers to generate more revenue but always keep in mind one thing that google is one of the smartest company in the world. The got thoysands of brilliant engineers then you and me so please never cheat adsense as one or other day this google masters are gonna catch you and your adsense account will be disabled .
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Hi friends if you are also rejected by google adsense then don't worry just follow my simple steps and get approved by google adsense

1.your site must be a top level domain eg>( and not the secondary domains

2.If you are using blogger then its very good to be approved by google adsense

3.your site must be active for minimum of 6 months.

4.your site must be filled by more than 50 informative articles

5.Never insert too many java scripts as it may make your site slow

6.always follow google webmaster guidelines pornographic contents should be there on your site

8.provide correct information about yourself

9.follow google adsense policies

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