As you all know clicking on your own ads is against google adsense policy and they treat such cases very seriously and also disable your accounts

what this topic is about?
ok i will tell you some of my views why we should never cheat google adsense by clicking on our own ads which is termed as invalid clicks.
actually google is very big company and if you will try to cheat them then there will not be much problem for the google but always think about the small advertisers like me and you what we are going to if the small amount we are investing is eaten up by greedy publishers.

Keep in mind that this is also a type of cheating only and why to cheat adsense instead of spending time on clicking on your own ads try to improve the content of your website and also try to get more visitors to your site by linking your site on other forums and free classifieds.

There are different types of adsense cheats and also some peoples use robotic clickers to generate more revenue but always keep in mind one thing that google is one of the smartest company in the world. The got thoysands of brilliant engineers then you and me so please never cheat adsense as one or other day this google masters are gonna catch you and your adsense account will be disabled .
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