free successful blog marketing tips

So you have a blog and want to market it and make it a successful blog. How do you do this? How do you go about getting your blog out there to be seen and known by others? How do you draw readers and keep them coming back for more? There are many ways to get your blog out there and known by others. This can be known as challenging for some and just quite easy for others. If you have ever had a successful blog before then you know what it takes.

You are not going to get anywhere by just setting up a blog and hoping that people will find it and read it. You are not going to gain any links, nor a higher search engine ranking by just having a blog. This is all part of blog marketing. Anyone can do it, even you.

Successful blog marketing tip number one. When you first create a blog, of course it is unheard of. No one knows anything about the blog unless you give them the link and show it to them. However, for a new blog that has never been seen, there are many ways to get it out there and known. You just need to know how. The first thing that you can do is to allow RSS feeds be taken from your blog. Allow other websites and blogs to publish your same exact blog. When you do this, they are giving you a link back to your blog, and also telling their readers all about your blog. You will get more traffic than ever with this tool. RSS feeds are wonderful for promoting and getting your blog out there.

Blog marketing tip number two. Update your blog frequently. We can not put enough emphasis on this tip. If you tell your readers that you are going to update your blog daily, then do it. If you tell them that you will be writing in your blog weekly, don’t let them down. Your readers are what makes your blog successful. You may not realize this in the beginning, and you will have few readers in the beginning as well, but you will eventually build a readership base and have people checking out your blog regularly.

Maybe you do not plan on telling your readers how often you will update your blog. That is ok too. However, think about this, if you were reading a blog on a weekly basis, and you expected to see the blog that you like to read updated at least once a week, you would be very disappointed to find out that it was not. Sure, things happen that might prevent you from updating, and that is expected, and excused, but week after week can hurt you and cause you to lose readers. If you don’t have enough content, we recommend you join a private label article club sub as Turbo Membership.

Tip number three. While you are working on your readership base, and trying to gain readers, you are going to find that commenting on blogs that are relevant to yours will surely help. Find a blog that is on the same topic to yours, or close to it and leave comments. You can also make a track back with your blog postings to comment on your own blog. Doing so will probably more than likely give someone else the urge to track back to your blog. Which will be good for it as well. Commenting on blogs that get many comments will make yours be seen by those interested in that market. You will gain traffic and readers that way, and it is easy as well as free.

The fourth blog marketing tip. Learn and apply SEO to your blogs. SEO is search engine optimization. You are going to find that if you want your blog to go anywhere, you need SEO, and you need to know how to use it to the advantage of your blog. Just like a website, a blog will be better off optimized.

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increase your affiliate cheques

The promise of earning profits without really doing much of anything has enticed a lot of people towards affiliate marketing. But does affiliate marketing really work this way?

As an affiliate, all that is required of you is to simply place the merchant’s ad on your website. Then after that, you virtually do nothing but wait for anyone to click on the merchant’s ad and later collect your profits. Easy, right? Well, not quite often. Many affiliates earn almost nothing from their affiliate programs simply because they do nothing. Remember that affiliate marketing is but another form of marketing, and you’ll definitely need to market your merchant’s product for you to earn something.

Successful affiliates in any affiliate program simply don’t sit there and wait for money to come. Why? Because there is no money in simply sitting and waiting. If you want to be successful in affiliate marketing and if you want to continually grow your affiliate checks, you’ve got to do something. Think of ways on how to promote your merchant’s business and products better. Think of ways on how to induce other people to click on the link or ad provided to you by your merchant. Think of ways on how to make your affiliate sales increase!

So if you’re new in affiliate marketing and you try to follow the easy go lucky pit that most unsuccessful affiliate marketers follow, then you’re definitely on the wrong track. But we’re not advising you to stop right there. No. Rather, we want you to take some steps to make your affiliate program work better and gain more commissions for you. How? Here are a few guidelines that may help you to continually grow your affiliate checks:

* Become an expert on your affiliate product.

You can promote your merchant’s product better if you know a lot of things about it. To become an expert, the best thing you can do is purchase your merchant’s product yourself. This way, you can tell your customers about your first-hand experience using the product. You can even write a testimonial or a personal endorsement ad about it. But if any condition does not permit you to purchase the product, you can at least make a thorough research about it.

* Host your own website.

Or at least have a domain name that is short and easy to remember. You certainly wouldn’t expect a visitor to remember a very long and incomprehensible URL. And if that’s so, you also wouldn’t expect him to visit your website any time soon. That means less traffic for your page and the less chance for your affiliate ads and links to be clicked.

It is also a good idea to create a private website and offer access to it to anybody who clicks on any of your affiliate ads. Visitors usually get interested with these private websites. Private websites also gives you a venue to promote your back-end affiliate products.

* Write your own affiliate ads.

Many merchants usually wouldn’t mind if you write and design your own ads for their products, for as long as you ask permission from them and present them your ad before posting it on your site. This gives you a greater advantage over a lot of other affiliates who must be advertising the same affiliate products.

* Participate in chat rooms, discussion boards, and forums related to your product.

If you use to ignore them before, then it is time for you to start focusing your attention on them. You can start your own chat or join an existing chat related to your product. You don’t have to promote your affiliate product at once, but find the chance to advertise and promote it as you go along. The same would be true for message boards, discussion boards and forums.

* Create a free ezine or newsletter.

Ezines and newsletters are periodical publications whose aim is to inform a group of people about a certain subject. In your ezines and newsletters, you don’t always have to promote your merchant’s product for this may greatly annoy your subscribers. Rather, find a way to insert your affiliate ads and links on some portions of the letter. Also, don’t forget to promote your ezine or newsletter on your website.

These are but a few guidelines on how you can increase your affiliate sales and continually grow your affiliate checks. Sure there can be a lot of other tips that out there, and if you think they would work, we won’t discourage you from following them. What’s important is that you be able to find a way to: attract more traffic to your site, induce your visitors to click on the ads on your site, and be able to promote your merchant’s products even outside the boundary of your website. If you can do these, there’s no reason for you to fail in affiliate marketing.

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tips for affiliates to earn more commissions

If you are starting out in affiliate marketing you have many options as far as marketing methods to use to make commissions. Some work much better than others. Here are some of the most common ways affiliates can make sales.

1. Blogging. This has become very popular in just a few short years. Because of the explosion in the number of blogs and competition most don’t get traffic as easily as they once did. There is still plenty of opportunity to market with blogs though especially if you find a good niche.

2. Google adwords. Like blogging it is more difficult now to make money with adwords because of intense competition and quality scoring of sites and ads known widely as the google slap. If you are good at writing ad copy, have high converting pages and can find niche keywords you can still earn a good income from using adwords.

3. SEO. This is a good way to get free traffic and make money. Choosing the right niche is critical. It should be a good keyword or phrase that is searched for often and has little competition so you can get your site ranked easily.

4. Articles. This is one of the best affiliate marketing techniques. By writing articles you establish yourself as an expert in your subject and people reading your articles will be very interested in whatever product you are marketing.

5. Ezine adverting. This is a good way to make commissions. The conversions from advertising in ezines is not nearly as good as having your own list though.

6. Squidoo lenses. These are relatively new but they get a lot of traffic from google. Lenses are also very simple to set up. I am promoting one of my lenses with this article in fact. Lenses can be effectively used to show your expertise on a topic.

7. Online classifieds. You can put classifieds on sites such as usfreeads and craigslist to drive traffic and earn commissions.

8. Text link advertising. You can advertise links to your site on other websites. As long as the traffic comes from websites with a simaler topic as yours the traffic will be targeted and should convert well.

9. Newspaper advertising. Many marketers use this offline method to make some very nice commissions. This probably requires the most experimentation to find the right papers to advertise in and also the most effective ad copy to produce sales.

10. Forum posting. This will bring quality traffic to your affiliate sites through your signature links. It is important to contribute to the forums and not just spam them though.

Those are just a few examples of how you can promote and make sales. With online marketing you are only limited by your imagination though. Keep in mind the most successfull internet marketers find new ways of getting customers with little competition.

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short guide to afiliate website building success

There are many ways you can temporarily get an edge on your affiliate competition. At least one internet marketing “guru” invents a new trend every day to help you do this (his/her goal is to sell products). The problem is that these strategies usually don’t work, and even if they do, they’re only temporary. Eventually, these strategies will hurt your business.

If you’re serious about starting a business on the internet, the easiest way to this do is to market affiliate programs. You don’t have to be an expert on anything, you don’t have to handle customer service, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started.

Although there’s a lot information about marketing affiliate programs, there are some simple tweaks you can do that will jumpstart your business, and anyone can do them.

Your first step should be to build a website. There is plenty of free software available to help you build a website without knowing HTML, and you don’t have to be a genius to learn how to FTP. (This is uploading your site to the internet.)

Most affiliates never succeed in a program because they’ll market the program for only 30 days, use only the sales materials the merchant provided, and then they wonder why they aren’t rich.

If you want to succeed in any business, affiliate or not, you have to be different. Presell the merchant’s products; you can only do that if you have a website.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy either. You can take care of two business tasks at one time by simply building a lead capture page and promoting your list. Include several emails in your series discussing the merchant’s program. Explain why it works. Give your reader real information about your topic and not just an endorsement of the merchant’s product.

If you’re a customer of the program, even better because then you know things about the product most affiliates won’t.

You can also use your website as a way of showcasing different merchant programs.

Although you need to avoid using javascript as much as possible because it isn’t search engine friendly, many merchant programs, especially on the larger sites like Commission Junction and Linkshare, have additional resources on their own sites you can use. This includes datafeeds and RSS, both search engine friendly types of code you can easily use to add self updating content to your website. This code keeps your website fresh, and the search engines will visit more often.

You’ll also find store generators you can use to generate pages for your site, and many of these only require you to add your affiliate ID, some keywords for the types of products you want to offer, and then you just copy and paste the code onto your site. Many of these store generators are now search engine friendly, making your site super search engine food, as well as unique.

You can find store generators by typing in the merchant name and adding the search term “store generator”. You can also visit the merchant’s site first to find out what tools are offered.

Finally, once you’ve developed a little technical expertise, and you understand the basics of site building and script installation, you can try your hand at some of the more basic scripts for site building. You can create anything from a full fledged Amazon store, to your own niche friendly Net Shop.

You can search for these scripts by simply typing the store you want into the the search engines, and then add the word “scripts”. For example, if you want an Amazon script, type in “free Amazon store script”. You’ll find plenty of results, and some don’t even require a database to run.

Regardless of what type of site you choose to build, whether it’s a simple list page, or a full fledged content site, make sure you build a list so you can recycle your traffic. Automation is a key ingredient in a successful business because it allows you to focus on the tasks that will make you money.

Find a few good affiliate programs you like, that pay well, do your keyword research and find an untapped market, and you’ll be well on your way to succeeding as an affiliate.

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5 Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Website

5 Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Website

I will be teaching you 5 simple ways that generate massive anount of traffic to your site so please follow this simple steps and start getting lots of traffic within few weeks.
Getting traffic is an important step that you need to do before you can make any money from your
website. If everything remains equal, more traffic means more income. So, here are 5 ways to
generate traffic to your website:

1. Write and Submit Article

Write articles and submit them to article directories and article announcement lists. You may alsowant to submit your articles directly to ezine publishers. This will not only bring direct traffic, but will also build your link popularity.

2. Participate in Relevant Forums
Participate in relevant forums and include a compelling signature file in every post you make. Don’t
do blatant promotion though. Instead, gain credibility by giving useful tips and helpful anwers to other

3. Write and Submit Press Release
Write press release if there is any newsworthy event in your
business and submit it to press release distribution services. There
are many free press release distribution services in the Internet such as
If your release got picked up by the media, you may get a surge of traffic to your website. If not, then
it’s ok, you may still get link popularity and some traffic from the press release distribution sites or
other websites that publish your release.

4. Optimize Your Website for the Search Engines
Optimize your website or blog for the search engines and add content regularly to it. Don’t complicate
yourself though with the details of SEO. Just do the basic stuff, such as putting keywords in the title
tag, in the body text, using anchor text when getting links, etc.

5. Write and Distribute Free Reports
Write and distribute free reports on topics that are relevant to your target audiences. If your reports
contain great information, there is a chance that people will pass them around, thus creating viral
traffic to your website.

Just follow this 5 tips and wait for the flood of traffic you will be getting to your site you will really be successful in getting huge traffic to your site that you will be able to convert into money..

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Exploring PPC Campaigns in Google and Yahoo

Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing have quickly become two of
the premier online advertising vehicles for online businesses for several reasons.
First and foremost, why wouldn’t you want to place targeted ads on the Internet’s
top search engines to generate exposure for your business and your related
products and services? In addition, by sponsoring keywords and phrases on a
cost-per-click basis on such prominent Web portals, you are guaranteed one
thing—targeted exposure.

Some PPC programs provide businesses with the opportunity to outbid
each other for top placement of their ads. This means that businesses with
large advertising budgets can dominate the top placements using these particular
programs, which is not exactly fair to those businesses that cannot
afford a high CPC.

Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing help to create a level playing
field for all advertisers, meaning that even small businesses with a minimal
budget can compete with large enterprises for premium listings. Businesses with
large advertising budgets can set their CPC for particular keywords well above their competition, but this doesn’t mean that their ads will appear above the competition.

Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing rank each ad based on a combination
of the ad’s CPC and the ad’s click-through CPC cost-per-click, refers to the
price paid by the advertiser each time a visitor clicks on the advertiser’s ad or sponsored listing.

What this means is that if a business with a high CPC creates an irrelevant
ad that does not generate any clicks, that ad slowly moves to the bottom of the
listing of ads that appears on Google’s search results page and on Yahoo!’s
search results page and are ultimately removed. This enables businesses with a
lower CPC, but more relevant ads, to position higher—at no extra cost!

How PPC Campaigns Work
Setting up a PPC campaign account in both Google and Yahoo! can be accomplished
in 15 to 20 minutes by following a few simple steps. When preparing to
launch a campaign, you first determine where you would like your ads to appear
on the search engine’s network of Web sites, and which languages you plan
to target with your ads. You can choose to communicate your ads to the masses,
or you can opt to geographically target your ads to specific locations—some
even offer advertising to locations within a specific distance from your business’s
physical location. Now that’s targeted advertising!

You then need to design an Ad Group for your PPC campaign in Google
or Yahoo!. An Ad Group is a collection of one or more ads that you wish to
display on the network of sites. Each ad consists of a headline and description
that, if designed correctly, relate specifically to the keywords that are associated
with the overall Ad Group. Once each ad in a given Ad Group is designed,
you select targeted keywords that you wish to be associated with the

Ad Group.
Why does an Ad Group contain one or more ads? Google’s AdWords program
and Yahoo!’s Search Marketing program are both designed to work
effectively for advertisers, weeding out ads that are not generating targeted
traffic for them. To illustrate, assume that a given Ad Group consists of five
different ads relating to a specific topic, each with a unique headline and
description. When an advertiser launches a campaign, Google AdWords and
Yahoo! Search Marketing randomly display each ad in the Ad Group to the
advertiser’s target market. Eventually, certain ads in the Ad Group perform
better than others, generating more click-throughs. When this happens, Google
AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing then display only ads within the Ad
Group that are generating results for the client, and they slowly remove the
others from the rotation. This helps to maximize the effectiveness of the overall
ad campaign.

When launching an ad campaign, you are given the opportunity to set a budget for your campaign. You can set a maximum CPC for each Ad Group along with a maximum daily budget for your campaigns.

Developing Your Pay-to-Play Strategy
If you are unsure of what your maximum CPC should be, or if you simply
do not have the time to spend on such decisions, Google AdWords provides the
Budget Optimizer feature. With the Budget Optimizer you simply set your target
budget, and the Adwords system does the rest, seeking out and delivering
the most clicks possible within that budget. The Budget Optimizer considers
keywords, competitive bids, ad positions, time of day, and many other factors
to give you the most possible clicks for your money—automatically.

Both Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing offer excellent trafficestimation
tools that can help you estimate daily traffic for selected keywords
and phrases. The traffic-estimation tool helps you fine-tune what your maximum
CPC should be, based on your overall online advertising budget and campaign
objectives. By manipulating the maximum CPC, you are able to determine
what your daily expenditures would be based on traffic patterns associated
with the keywords that you have selected, along with where your ads will be
positioned during the campaign.

Where Do Your Ads Appear?
These paid listings usually appear separately from the organic results—sometimes
these sponsored listings appear at the top of the page, sometimes they
appear as a sidebar to the right of the page, and sometimes they appear at the
bottom of the page.
When you implement a campaign on the Google AdWords network, your
ads appear in more places than just within Google’s search results. Through
building relationships with some of today’s top industry-specific Web sites and
search portals, Google expands the reach of your ads to the masses. Popular
Web sites such as the New York Times, AOL,, and Netscape all display
AdWords’ advertisements when a Web surfer conducts a search using those
sites’ search tools.

Similarly, when you implement a campaign on the Yahoo! Search Marketing
network, your ads appear in more places than just within the Yahoo! search results.
Yahoo! Search Marketing displays its pay-for-performance sponsored search
results on prominent Web sites such as Yahoo!, NBC, All the Web, and AltaVista.
The network sites change from time to time. At the time of this book’s
publication, the aforementioned is the most current listing of Web sites that
display Google Adwords’ and Yahoo! Search Marketing’s PPC listings in their
search results.
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Web Site Elements That Keep all Coming Back

Web Site Elements That Keep all Coming Back

There are many little things that will spice up your Web site to “keep ’em
coming back.” Learn the tips, tools, and techniques to get visitors to return to
your site again and again.
• Attractive Web site content
• How to have your own What’s New page, Tip of the Day, and Awards page
• Ensuring that you are bookmarked
• Trivia
• Contests
• Calendar of events and reminder services
• Blogs, podcasts, and RSS feeds
• Special guests or celebrity appearances
• Giveaways and awards
• Offline tactics for promotion.
Rationale for Encouraging Repeat Visits

Just as you would want customers to visit your business frequently, so too in
cyberspace you want present and potential customers to visit often. The more
often people visit your site, the more likely they are to purchase something. You
want to ensure that the techniques you use to get repeat traffic are appropriate
for your target market. For example, if you were having a contest on your site
targeted toward children, you would not want to give away a bread-maker as
the prize. That would be fine, however, if your target market was families or
homemakers. You want to offer something of interest to the market you are
targeting. If your target market is gardeners, then a free half-hour landscaping
session or free flower bulbs might work.

I am a big proponent of leveraging everything you do for maximum marketing
results. Almost every repeat-traffic generator provides an opportunity for
permission marketing and also for viral marketing. Make sure you review the
repeat-traffic generators you use on your site and incorporate the appropriate
permission and viral marketing elements.

The more often a person visits your site:

• The more your brand is reinforced

• The more your target market feels a part of your community, and people
do business with people they know and trust

• The more likely they are to give you permission to stay in touch

• The more likely they are to tell others about you, your products, and
your services

• The more likely you will be first in mind when they decide to buy.
Use a What’s New Page for Repeat Visits

A What’s New page can mean different things to different sites. For some, this page
updates users with summaries of the most recent specials or promotions. Of course,
your What’s New page could also include any awards you or your company may
have received and new additions to your Web site, such as a new article, or news
and events. Your What’s New page should be accessible from your home page so
that when people visit your site they do not have to search through your entire site
to find out what is new. If visitors repeatedly find interesting additions in the
What’s New section, they will come back to your site on a regular basis to check
out what’s new. Here you can leverage this repeat-traffic generator with permission
marketing by asking if visitors would like to be notified via e-mail when you’ve
added something to the What’s New section. It’s all about getting their permission
to send them e-mail and therefore include them in your community.
Other approaches for the What’s New page could be What’s New on your
site, What’s New in your company, or What’s New in your location. Whatever
it is, you should always make sure that it is of interest to your target market.
Again, you can ask your visitors if they would like to be notified when updates
are made to this section of your Web site. This, once again, gives you permission
to e-mail them and present them with new information that might make
them want to come back to your site again.

Free Stuff—Everyone Loves It
Offering free things is a great way to increase traffic—everybody likes a freebie.
If you provide something for free that is valuable to your target market, you are
sure to have a steady stream of repeat traffic. When you have freebies or giveaways
on your site, your pages can also be listed and linked from the many sites
on the Internet that list places where people can receive free stuff. To find these
listings of free stuff, simply go to a search engine and do a search on “Free Stuff
Index” or “Free Stuff Links.” You will be amazed at how many people are
giving things away online.
You don’t have to give something away to everyone. You could simply have
a drawing every week. You could then ask entrants if they would like you to
notify them of the winner, which again gives you permission to e-mail them.
To get people into your restaurant, you could offer a free dessert with an
entrée coupon. To get a number of people to visit your mechanic shop, you
might have a buy-three-oil-changes, get-one-free coupon. You might also have
a free gift upon joining for a fitness facility or a gym.
You should change your freebie often and let your site visitors know how
often you do this. Something like “We change our free offer every single week!
Keep checking back” or “Click here to be notified by e-mail when we update”
also works well.

Freebies provide ideal viral marketing opportunities as well. Have a “Tell a
friend about this site” button near the freebie so site visitors can quickly and
easily tell their friends.
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why to create an blog

There are many reasons to create a blog and start blogging but the one that this website is primarily focused on revolves around residual income. It can also be described as passive income and generally refers to making money from investments and content previously produced. There are many different forms of residual income and royalties, and the methods for obtaining and increasing wealth of this nature are substantial.
Creating a book, album, product or service opens doors to the acquisition of residuals and royalties. The key is to create something today that you can market for the rest of your life and more importantly, create something that you can sell repeatedly with little additional work beyond that of your initial development or creation. This website provides me with an ability to teach others while at the same time building a steady stream of residual income that will allow me to continue my work in the future.
It is my goal to provide information free of charge and generate a sustainable income from indirect methods like Google Adsense, affiliate products and services and referral commissions from things that I believe in. In addition, I hope to find joint venture partners that I can work with in the future to expand operations into new niches in an effort to help people even more.
Creating a website can provide you with residual income in the sense that the initial work goes into content development but after the content is created, people will eventually find that content and some people will make a choice to purchase recommended products and services, click on PPC advertisements and or possibly request to advertise on your website themselves.
If you spend time focusing on your customer’s wants and needs and providing the assistance they are looking for, you will find that people will begin to trust your opinion and value your advice. This will ultimately result in a loyal customer base and outstanding recommendations and referrals. Someone once told me that money is simply a byproduct of success, nothing more and nothing less. It took a while to really understand this concept and put it to practice but when you work with that in mind you are able to enjoy the experience just as much as the reward.
There are a million other examples out there but these are just a few that might be worth considering in the future. If you have a few more ideas of ways to generate passive income, please go ahead and leave a comment! Residual income is much better than an hourly wage or a salary in the sense that you are getting paid repeatedly for work completed in the past. It is the easiest way to stop being a wage slave and take control of your financial success.
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                                         MAKING MONEY FROM DISCUSSIONS
 As you know there are many ways to make money from the internet one or other type of online jobs can be suited for you But you ever heard that if you will join in the discussions then you are paid for your discussions sounds funny but its true you can get paid for the discussions thre are some sites that will pay you some amount if you participate in the general discussions like differnt product reviews If you have any questions then you can post that question as a discussion and when users will come across this discussions read it share it or comment on it then your balance will automatically be increased one of this ype of the site i will buggesting about is the

This is a very good site to make money from this sites doesn't pays you much more money but they pay you a good amount of money you dont need to be an expert or a very good writer to join this type of discussions even a small kid in KG can join in this discussions a he can even write about his favorite chocolate and make money from this sites I will suggest you to join this sites only if you have some patience to make more money as this type of sites not pays you lots of amount as google adsense and big companies do but it pays you what you can wxpect to buy a new jeans for you there payouts are about 0.02$ per discussions and also they are paying on time they pay you even if you will refer your friends to them this is a very good idea of making money by referring your friends let them work for you and you can take a long rest infront of your televison or sitting in your gardens .

They pays you by paypal so you will need to have an paypal account inorder to have to take your commissions on time there are no risks involved in this business you just have to discuss about the topics you like and all else will be done by this my lot site I have made much more money from this site but to tell you frankly i have never thought of making money from this site but actually i like to write about the products i like i have joined this discussion board to share my views with the peoples as iam discussing with this post but once i have started posting my discussions they paid me a good amount $10 for my first 10 days and now iam making even more money its really very intresting discussion board where you can connect with different peoples and make you more and more money just give a try to this site

Please leave your comments below so i will be able to serve you better with this kind of online jobs

dont forgot my new blog which will be my primary blog from now

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Why to pay more for the webhosting companies when you are getting the free webhosing service with features like adding own domain names, sql servers, php, fantastico script installer and even unlimited free email addresses Dont think iam jocking its really true and you can get all this features without sprnding a single penny Isnt it intresting so why dont you give a try for this webhosting service 

I have already mentioned about the free domain name thats on 
Now iam writting about the free webhosting service that will give you all the facilities You can purchase a free domain name at the provider and then host your website at the free hosting service  like

This is the best webhosting service i have ever used it really works good and also their uptime is very quick you dont have to be master of websites to host your site on this webhosting services instead it gives you very easy navigations and step by step process to host your somain name on their webosting service there are much more features they are providing and also they never put their ads on your sites .You will get the service like paid webhostings only if you want to host your domain name then just navigate to the add domain link and add your new domain name there thats all free webhosting will do the remaining work or you .I'snt it not intresting ?
If you still have any problem hosting your site dont worry just leave a comment i will always be happy to solve your queries

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This describes how to promote your blogs in search engines Most of the people have created their blogs and witten lots of posts by their hard work but what if no one watches their ideas and information its of no use having a blog a blog can be thought as a personal diary to tell the world about you .your intrests and some of your ideas .

If you have a blog which has good page rank then i am sure that you can really become a famous person and you can use the same blog to earn some handsome income.To do this you need to put some efforts first and the formost thing is 
Fill your blog with more than 50 posts of same topics and submit it to the search engines like google,yahoo,etc.

2.Follow others blogs and leave as much as comments on their blogs so try to insert your blogs reference link in their blog so you will be able to get more backlinks whick helps you to increase your blogs rank.

3.Join in differnt forums and also write the ezine artiles and leave a link of your blog at your signature in forums and also in the articles .

4.Submit your blogs at all blog directories as technorati, blog catalog etc.

5.Update your blog periodically and once updated ping it with the services like so as to tell the search engines that your blog is updated.

Follow this simple steps and i am damn sure that you will be able to increase your blogs visibility and the rank of your blog within some weeks.
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peoples are spending thousands of dollars on buying domain names some of the small website owners are paying more than what they can earn from their website.
What if you will get a free domain name with all the facilites like url forwarding, dns 
evrything you are getting with the free domain name. is a site just launched where you can get a free domain name totally free of cost 
If you are a good webmaster then it will be very good for you to get the free domain name .Some peoples are spending lots of money on writting their blogs but blogs doesnt get that much traffic As a website .
If you are having a website then peoples impressions about you is good  I am also using this free domain name and i feel it doesnt makes any differnce that of .com domain names
it just looks like, in the same manner  the domain name comes 
If you really want to own your free domain name then please give a try to this
Ihave registered one name on
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mozilla 7.0 released security features added


They have added mmany features to this browser including some secured techniques to protect your data from hackers.
It also loads the pages very fast then there existing browser i think this browser will give good competition to all others including google chrome internet explorer an everyone else.
This is the best broser i feel because first of all its open source free to use ad really a secured browser.
You can view differnt types of scripts on it.
One more feature about it is there are many plugins and addons are developed for mozilla and you can add it or create it and make mozilla more better.

If you really want to browse the net securely i suggest you to please go for the mozilla firefox you will really love using that browser
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started making money with

Hello friends finally after long time I got the secret of money making and i have started making around 50-60 Rs a day Its my starting days thats why earnings are low but once i will get some more experience then i start making more than this within hours. is an online tv channel where we can watch our favorite channels on our pc its really very good and loads very quickly and they are in their beta stage now even though i found they are very responsible.There are many indian and foreign channels that you can watch using this .It was all about how to use nautanki tv but the next question is:

You can really make money from it you it works similar to that of you tube.
To make money from it you just have to visit this site at then sign up as a publisher once you are approved by them you will be able to login into members area .Here you will get a widget code of differnt channels you want to display to your users.
choose any widget and just paste the code into your websites html .Within seconds you will be able to watch television on your site.And another profit of this is it will keep your website visitors for more time on your site so more visitors will start coming to your site.
Please give atry to this publishers program and iam sure that you will really be happy to use it.
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yahoo is coming up with publisher programs

Good news to all as we all webmasters no that google is banding our adsense accounts for silly reasons and they never respond to our queries also as a alternative to this we were searching for a best program and to tell you yahoo's publisher program is going to launch shortly.Now they are in their beta state that is the testing state and they are accepting the us publishers only but shortly they are gonna accepy us all and we will start maki ng more then google adsense ads.

They have still not revealed that when they are going to extend their chain o the international publishers but after some weeks they are surely gonna accept mst of the publishers.

MSN is also coming with such program but i will let you know about this after some days
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How To Make Money From Blogs
Many peoples are always asking me this question that whether they can make money from blogs my answer will be yes you can make mony from blogs there are many ways to make money from blogs but i will tell you only the best businesses where you will surely earn good amount

If you have a blog and want to make money then 1 st thing is you should allow advertising companies to advertise on your site by providing them small space on your blog.

There are many companies that puts advertises on your blog and pays you when your visitors will click on their ads there are thousands of advertising companies but i will suggest you only the best sites

some of the companies which provide you pay per click advertises

1. Google Adsense
This is the best company but now it does not accept more publishers if your blog really has a good content then only they may advertise on your blog or site .They rarely accepts the applications from site owners.

2. Adbrite
Adbrite is the another advertising program which serves ads on your blogs and you will be able to make money once peoples will click on their ads so if you want to try this then this is a very good alternative to the google adsense and the CTR of their ads are very can try this
to join now click here

3. Bidvertiser
Bidvertisers is also a good publisher programm if you want to make extra monet then you can put boyh adbrite and bidvertiser ads on the same blog but try to choose online business category when choosing for ads on bidvertisers

This are the best programms to you where you can make more money from blogs there are other sites also but i will never suggest you those sites as there are not good results experienced by anyone.


pay per post are the best programs for the bloggers i suggest to check for pay per post programms visit my pay per post program article.

some of the sites which provides you on pay per post basis are the

1.Pay Per Post

This is the best pay per post site where peoples can make money by wrirting product information of advertiser ads .You can get paid from 10$ to 15$ depending upon your article .
They accept the sites which meet certain criterias that your blog must be minnimum 90 days old it must.


smorty is another pay per post program similar to that of the Pay per post you can check out it also.

There are many more ways to make money online but first of all you try this once you will get some expeience in this businesses then you can start other businesses if you want to knoew about that businesses then you can contact me or directly leave a comment i will be responding to your queries .

Dont waste time and start your business right now.But please never expect overnight income streams because as per my experience i am spending 3 hours a day to make around 25$ everyday.
If you want to purchase your own domain name and a powerful website then you can check my parteners site where you can host your website as low as $0.99 per month

Check it out.

If you want to increse your page rank then you can exchange your link here.
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As you all know clicking on your own ads is against google adsense policy and they treat such cases very seriously and also disable your accounts

what this topic is about?
ok i will tell you some of my views why we should never cheat google adsense by clicking on our own ads which is termed as invalid clicks.
actually google is very big company and if you will try to cheat them then there will not be much problem for the google but always think about the small advertisers like me and you what we are going to if the small amount we are investing is eaten up by greedy publishers.

Keep in mind that this is also a type of cheating only and why to cheat adsense instead of spending time on clicking on your own ads try to improve the content of your website and also try to get more visitors to your site by linking your site on other forums and free classifieds.

There are different types of adsense cheats and also some peoples use robotic clickers to generate more revenue but always keep in mind one thing that google is one of the smartest company in the world. The got thoysands of brilliant engineers then you and me so please never cheat adsense as one or other day this google masters are gonna catch you and your adsense account will be disabled .
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Hi friends if you are also rejected by google adsense then don't worry just follow my simple steps and get approved by google adsense

1.your site must be a top level domain eg>( and not the secondary domains

2.If you are using blogger then its very good to be approved by google adsense

3.your site must be active for minimum of 6 months.

4.your site must be filled by more than 50 informative articles

5.Never insert too many java scripts as it may make your site slow

6.always follow google webmaster guidelines pornographic contents should be there on your site

8.provide correct information about yourself

9.follow google adsense policies

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National Retail Services National Retail Services is a merchandising company that gives retailers tools and resources for product advertising and promotion. They need people to help with consulting, merchandising, and distribution tasks. Employment opportunities are available on the web site and you can find job listings sorted by state and type. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Star Merchandising Service Star Merchandising Service provides merchandisers to retail businesses in Northern areas of California and Nevada. They are looking for team members to handle a full battery of merchandising task such as marketing, display maintenance, and resets. Interested parties can submit an electronic resume via the company’s website. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Timely Retail Solutions (TRS) Timely Retail Solutions gives general retailers primary merchandising services in a wide variety of areas. IIn addition to making money by passing out samples, you can make money with event planning, fixture set up, and mystery shopping. Interested applicants can fill out an online employment inquiry through the web site. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Campaigners, Inc. This company is looking for both field delegates and corporate staff. Click on the “Careers” link and if you’re interested in being a field delegate, click on that link on the left side of the page. Field delegates hand out samples at a number of stores, usually in four-hour shifts. The “Apply for the Job” link will take you directly to the online application. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site CrossMark Sales and Marketing CrossMark offers retailing and merchandising positions across the United States and Canada. To register with the company, you will want to click on the “Employment/Apply for a Job” link and then click on the link that says “To apply for a merchandising or retail position, click here.” You’ll be able to fill out and submit your application online. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site CRS/Lawrence Service This company is in search of individuals to perform merchandising tasks at stores like Wal-Mart and Target. The company has an online application that you can fill out. Once you fill out the application, the company will contact you about possible opportunities within their company. Editor Rating:
Ease of Use: Rate this Site Eagle Merchandising Services, Inc. This company provides essential services for various retailers who are located in the New England and New York areas. These services include store audits, inventory checks, resets, new store setups, and secret shopper services. Eagle Merchandising Services offers competitive wages, a benefits package and travel reimbursement as well. A ‘Potential Employee Information Form’ is located under Job Opportunities at their website as well as a ‘Contact Us’ link for email inquiries. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site FIELDFLEX , USA /Innovative Space Mgmt. Fieldflex, a division of Diam International, provides retail stores and manufactures with in-store displays as well as installation services. They also offer warehousing and telemarketing abilities to their clients. Employment opportunities can be found by completion of a online inquiry form or via an email link. Both are located on the company website. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Keystone Marketing Specialists Keystone marketing Specialists provide tools and resources for business that operate in the retail and reselling sectors. They provide training tools, field representatives and a full line of related services. Applications for employment may be completed via the companies website or by submission via the address provided on the site. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Lantis Merchandising Services (LMS) LMS is a merchandising provider who seeks to cover all aspects of product merchandising across a variety of categories. You can make money by replenishing stock, performing maintenance and doing product demonstrations. Career choices are varied and stretch across the continental U.S. Email addresses are provided at the company’s site for resume submission. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Market Pros, Inc. Market Pros is looking for individuals to add to its experienced team of merchandisers and demonstrators. The company handles product promotions, product shelf related tasks and secret shopper functions. Job applications may be submitted via the company’s web site and other information may be requested by mail, phone, or fax. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Marketing Solutions Int'l MSI is a merchandising and promotional service that offers retailers marketing services. They're looking for individuals that will help them provide companies with display set up, new product promotion and various related tasks such as mystery shopping. Job applicants may gain further information by referencing the ‘contact us’ link located on the web site. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site MCA-Merchandising Consultants Associates This Canadian based merchandising company provides product demonstrations, and a multi-layer workforce team that covers many areas of product sales and promotion. If you'd like to be a part of their merchandising and product demonstration team, current opportunities can be found at the company’s website. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site MERCHANDISERS UNLIMITED, INC Merchandisers Unlimited, Inc. is a full service retail merchandising provider. The company is looking for people to help with training, merchandising , and in-store demos. Potential employees will find more information at the website where online resume submission is available as well as an address for hard copy submissions. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Mosaic Sales Solutions – Irvine Mosaic Sales Solutions offers retailers full service merchandising. The company is looking for people interested in helping with duties related to selling, acquisition, and marketing. Prospective employees will find a basic Q & A section at the website as well as instructions on how to apply for a job. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site National In-Store National In-Store provides companies with reporting and auditing, promotional services, and secret shopping. Employment applicants with a good disposition and work ethic can apply via an online application. Further information may be found at the company’s web site. Simply click on the appropriate link on the front page to find out more informaiton about the opportunity you're interested in. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Prism Retail Services Prism Retail Services is a full-service product marketing firm. This company offers their clients a wide spectrum of merchandising services. They are hiring individuals who can help with event planning, new item promotion and other related services. Job seekers can get more information by visiting the ‘Employment Opportunities’ link located on the web site. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Archway Merchandising Services Archway Merchandising Services, previously know as ServiceAvantage, is a provider of market and merchandising related services that benefit the business retailer. Job opportunities include management, reporting, fulfillment, and customer service. Applicants will find available employment opportunities on the company website. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site SPAR Management Services SPAR is a multi-faceted merchandising business that caters to the retail industry on an international level. The services provided range from general merchandising and marketing to industry knowledge and RFID services. Applicants can expect reasonable hours and numerous perks and benefits. An online job application is available for interested parties. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Standard Merchandising Solutions, Ltd. SMS, a division of National Marketing Services, is a multiple option service provider for the retail industry. Opportunities include store set-ups, planning, remodeling and numerous other industry-related tasks. Potential applicants can get employment information via email inquiry. Editor Rating:
Ease of Use: Storecast Merchandising Corporation This company is a provider of merchandising services for retail businesses across the U.S. Opportunities include conducting surveys, performing audits and planning. There are also additional opportunities in regards to special projects. Interested applicants can find employment information on the website in the form of an online employment form and also though the ‘contact us link’ for general inquiries. Ease of Use: Rate this Site Strategic Merchandising Partners This business is a provider to the retail/reseller business sector. They offer services that are consistent with other merchandising firms. Opportunities include display keeping, training, telemarketing and other related tasks. Interested individuals will find further job information via their website. An online application is available. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site The Sunflower Group The Sunflower group provides merchandising services with a focus on product brands. You can make money passing out samples in addition to numerous other positions . The company website provides a listing of available positions for potential applicants. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Wolfe Retail Services, Inc. Wolfe Retail Services is a complete merchandising provider for the retail industry. In addition to passing out samples, interested parties can make money in positions such as planning, presentation and training and reporting. Job seekers may access the ‘Opportunities’ link on the company website for online resume submission. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Advanced Retail Merchandising Inc. This company provides quality services to leading retailers and brand marketers in the Southeastern part of the United States. The company offers employment opportunities in merchandising activities, display & fixture installations, and market research projects. Click on the “employment” link to get information on how to apply. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Certified Marketing Services Inc. This company provides merchandising and secret shopping services to retail chains across the country. Click on the “Field Worker Access/Login” button to access the fieldworker section of the website and then click on the “register” link to begin the company’s registration process. All field representatives must be at least 18 years of age and will be handled as an independent contractor. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Classic Demos Inc. Click on the “Opportunities” link located on the front page of this website to learn about the merchandising and demo opportunities that this company has available. You’ll be able to fill out the company’s online application and a representative will contact you regarding jobs and pay structure. Currently, opportunities are only available in Utah, Idaho , Nevada , Wyoming , Colorado , Montana , New Mexico , and Southwest Texas. Editor Rating:

Ease of Use: Rate this Site New Concepts in Marketing NCIM presents retailers with a broad spectrum of marketing strategies and services. Some of the services provided include sampling, management, and mystery shopping. Employees of this company can expect a flexible schedule, weekly pay, and involvement with some of the newest products on the market. The company’s website also offers an online submission form for interested parties as well as access to various other forms needed for employment. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site News America Marketing News America Marketing is a merchandising company that presents retailers with the ability to access various streams of media across a wide spectrum of outlets. Click on "Demonstrator Opportunities" to find out how to become a product demonstrator for the company. The company pays every Friday for the work you performed the previous week and they let you create your own schedule. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Northeast Support Services, Inc. This 3rd party merchandising company supplies retailers with various support services. You can make money setting up displays, performing new product introductions and other related tasks. Potential employees may apply for a job via the online application that is available though the web site. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Premium Retail Services Premium Retail Services provides retailers and manufacturers with a number of quality merchandising services. They are looking for people to help with retail planning, merchandise display, fixture tasks, and other market related endeavors. Applicants may access the company's application through the website and can view job postings. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site PromoWorks PromoWorks is a marketing service company with a North American presence that provides retail businesses with services which center around the various stages of marketing. Job opportunities include tasks related to cut-ins, category resets, P.O.P. Set-Up, Display Building, Shelf Tags, Fixture Installations, Customized Audits, Data Reporting, Distribution Verification, and New Store Remodeling. Interested applicants may contact the company via the mail and email address’s that are provided on the website. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Quality Marketing Group This multi-servicing company is a provider of various merchandising resources geared toward the retail sector. They need invidiuals who are interested in helping with marketing demonstrations. The company website provides potential employees access to an online application and assures contact by an employment representative. Editor Rating:

Ease of Use: Rate this Site Randy Putnam & Associates This company is a provider of a full array of merchandising services for retail businesses. Opportunities include functions such as analysis, planning, and demonstration responsibilities. Job opportunities may be obtained through the company information that is provided at the web site. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Resource-Plus Resource-Plus specializes in retail marketing and merchandising businesses nationwide. The website offers information about various jobs and positions that are available with the company. The website also offers informaiton in regards to where to submit your resume and how to contact the company. Editor Rating:
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Market- Research-Online Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Free Car Free Car pays up to $400 monthly for a full wrap advertisement put on your car as well as offering an additional program that allows you to drive a car provided by the company for free for the next two years. An application is required and can be found under the How it Works link at the left side of the website. Editor Rating: Ease of Use:

Rate this Site Wrap Your Auto This company offers advertisement programs on the East coast. For a full car wrap, you can be paid up to $400 a month simply to drive your car and advertise a business or product. Short monthly inspections of the vehicle are required. Information for this opportunity may be found at the top of this website under the links called Driver Programs and Driver Requirements. Editor Rating: Ease of Use:

Rate this Site Senior Research Editor Rating: Ease of Use:

Rate this Site Auto Wrapped This company offers free promotional cars to drive, or is willing to pay $100 to $400 per month to place an advertisement on your personal vehicle. For further information and requirements, a variety of links are available on the left side of the page, including driver information as well as a free car program. Editor Rating: Ease of Use:

Rate this Site Driving Promotions This company pays up to $300 monthly to put a full wrap on your vehicle. For restrictions and details, click on the Drive a Promotion link either on the left side or middle of the page. This particular company requires a minimum of 1000 miles driven per month to qualify. Editor Rating: Ease of Use:

Rate this Site Vista Motion Another United Kingdom based company offering to pay up to £220 per month to use your car for a full wrap advertisement. You just need to drive it! Details are provided on this website by clicking on the Drivers link, then exploring the Programs, Frequently Asked Questions, and Application links. Another program offered is to offer people the opportunity to drive a new smart-VistaMotion car for a small monthly fee. Referral program potential, with additional income. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site

Auto Wraps AutoWraps is offering a variety of programs for potential drivers, including some that are incentive driven as well as others that are based upon other requirements. For typical car wrap advertising utilizing your vehicle, pay can be from $10-$400 a month. Other offers are available that may produce more income. For further information and to apply, click on the Get Paid to Drive link on the left side of the page. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Wrap Cars This company works with advertisers in the lower 48 states. You can be paid up to $400 monthly in return for having a full wrap advertisement put on your car. Other programs are available, such as partial car wraps as well as driving a free car. Click on the Drivers link at the top of the page, or the Driver Ad Programs link to the right of the page. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Advercarzing Earn from $200 up to $400 per month driving your car. This company offers payment to people willing to drive their cars with full car wraps. Additional money can be made through a driver referral program. Details may be found on the homepage of this website, as well as clicking on Driver Info link found at the center of the page. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Auto Car Wraps This United Kingdom based company offers payment of up to £200 per month to drive your car with a full wrap advertising a business. Monthly inspections are required to receive compensation. Additional information can be found by clicking on the How Does it Work and Do I Qualify links at the top of the page. An application form is available. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Ad Wraps This company offers a variety of advertisement services, including advertisements focused on vehicles. Car and vehicle wraps are used for this form of advertising, and people interested in an extra income can earn up to $400 monthly or be eligible to drive a free promotional car. Further information may be found under the Driver Info link at the left side of the page, and a Click Here link toward the bottom middle of the page. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Ad Cars A company based in the United Kingdom, Ad Cars offers two programs for drivers. The first is to be paid up to £200 per month to put a full wrap on your car. All you need to do is drive it to promote the advertisement on the wrap. The other program entails you driving a company car that has a full wrap. Details can be found under the How Does it Work? and the Do You Qualify? links at the top of the website. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Auto Boards A United Kingdom based company offering payment of up to £400 per month to drive your own car with a full wrap, as well as a secondary program option for people without cars. This program enables you to be able to drive a free wrapped car. Additional information and requirements can be found by clicking on the Drivers link at the top of the page. Editor Rating:

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what is affilliate marketing



Welcome to the money making world of Affiliate Marketing…
What is Affiliate Marketing and who are Affiliates? There are various
Companies which form time to do various sales or brand promotion on
INTERNET. Promotion can be anything like a campaign to build a brand, a
campaign to promote sales, or let’s say a campaign to make people aware of its
services. Now Internet is a diversified field with no single mode of promotion as
we have in traditional world like newspaper or television, hence the way to
promote these brands or products is a little different on the net. Moreover one
can not expect a company to recruit thousands of people to promote its
campaigns over millions of websites on the net and pay huge bills in terms of
manpower cost and operational overheads. It is here that people like you and us
comes into picture.

We are termed as Affiliates / Publishers and the companies are Merchants or
What is our role? We are people looking out for some online work opportunities;
it might be part time or full time. But unfortunately, we don’t owe a product or
concept which can sell online and even if we have a product, we don’t have a
platform or market where we can promote our product. So how do we proceed
now? Remember, what we said in the previous passage? Merchants have a
product but the need people to promote it. We are the people but we don’t have
the product and platform. Here comes the association. These Merchants offers us
a Performance based Incentive Program, wherein we can take their brands and
product campaigns for free of charge, ad get paid against the promotion we do
not behalf of these merchants. Remember when we are saying, take their brand
or product, it NEVER means any type of physical goods or products that we
have to take or buy from Merchants.
We, the affiliates (or publishers) were looking out for product to promote and the
platform to promote. Now we have the product in terms of Online Campaigns
from various Merchants But still we are missing out on the Platform, Let’s
understand it in this way. Let’s say you have the best quality product which can
give you a very good profit, but what if you don’t have a shop or outlet to sell it?
How people will come to know about it? Same is the scene in online market. You
have taken the product from Merchant, but still you don’t know how to promote
it and more imp where to promote it. Here comes the role of, which
offers you and effective platform to promote the product on be half of Merchants.
Similar platforms can be email campaign, a newsletter, or any website where
traffic is good.
So to conclude, Affiliate Marketing effectively means we get paid when a
desired activity (as desired by Merchant) like sale happens form the links or
banners (provided by Merchants) placed by us in email campaign, newsletter,
website or pay click search engine like Google or Yahoo.

The Major Question-Who keeps the Tracking of all this work and commission
Generally Merchants do not track their affiliates work and commissions and
therefore they outsource their work to a third party termed as APP (Affiliate
Program Provider). APP works as a bridge between advertiser website ad
affiliates. They collect the payment from the merchants and pay to affiliates i.e.
us for their work.
It means that we are working for the merchants / websites through the APP and
they take care of everything, right from tracking and reporting of our work to
sending payment to us. From APP, we can get the promotional campaigns for
merchants in form of text and banner links. The banners or links now can be
effectively used in various types of campaigns like promotion via emails, via
website or through pay per click search engine like Google, Yahoo. When
someone clicks on the link placed by us, they are directed to some specified
webpage of the advertiser’s site. When they fulfill the criteria like signup or
purchase something we get paid. The APP does all the work.
· One can see all the transaction report in the APP site
· APPs do not charge anything for joining.
· It depends on them whether they accept your application or not. The top 3
APPs are Commission Junction (CJ), Cickbank and Linkshare. You can also check
out clixgalore
We will explain you things by taking example of i.e. Commission
Junction, CJ is the biggest APP on Internet and its tracking is excellent. CJ tracks
billions of impressions each month and have clients like Baazee (,
Monster, and CJ sends monthly commission checks or deposits
your commission directly in your bank account. CJ sends only checks to Indians
Please Note: If you are not able to understand the above passage, read the same once or
twice. Proceeding further without understanding the concept is useless.



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top 5 adsense alternatives

If you were searching for the right online jobs then don't worry you are on the correct place .We will provide you with the free information about how to start online jobs and how to get success .We will be teaching you to start your online work as a series of jobs so if you really want to get success then you will need to go through each job steps thoroughly.

Before starting your jobs always keep in mind that don't expect the overnight results as you will need to do some hard work to get the success there are different forms of businesses on the web so its your duty to select from one of them I can only suggest to do the best jobs else everything depends upon how you put efforts.

One thing for sure that is online jobs are the one of the best businesses as you can do them just at your part times and earn huge incomes. What if you will sit at home and your website will generate money for you that’s also 24*7*365. sounds funny? But its true
Your website can generate huge income for your and this is possible because of the internet advertising.


What do you mean by the internet advertising internet advertising is one of the best and the easiest jobs .As you do not have to do do any work you just had to show up the ads on your sites and whenever the peoples visits your ads sites then you will get the incentives
Which will be provided By the companies which will run ads on your sites.

This is actually a very easy task but the main problem with this is the ad serving companies must accept your websites as they mostly look for the sites which are viewed thousands of times each day o this is the main problem behind this .

· To get approved by the advertising companies is your site contents .
· Your site must contain the substantial and original contents .
· No adult contents.
· Your site must be filled 30 to 40 informational articles that must be written in very user friendly languages
· The contents mostly should be written in English only
· Site must be active for more the more then 60 days minimum
· Site should look like a very professional

To take part in internet advertising first of all you must have a website that must be designed by a professional designer if you don't have an website then don't worry I will help you to create one
Once you will complete with getting a website now your job is to apply as a publisher there are many companies which will provide you this jobs but I will tell you only few which will be providing us a better results And will help you to earn more income
The companies I listed below are the best companies in the world these are in the fields of the advertising since long years back and many peoples are taking advantage from this .

The top ranked program on the web is the


Google adsense is the best program that is providing you with the chance to earn by showing ads on your websites but its very difficult to get approved by the google adsense program .
Since google is one of the most powerful company on the web it only accepts those sites which are active for more then six months on the web so if you are a good site designer then only you try for the google adsense program otherwise your efforts will be of no use
for complete details about google adsense click on the link below

There are many alternative to the google adsense programs but all are not tat much powerful as google adsense only few are as nearly good as compared to the google adsense


Adbrite is the top most alternative to the google adsense as
they are approving your site very fast and they also manage to
put the highest payed advertises for you. You can also manage your
ad zones without any problems .so if you are ready to earn the money
Slowly but surely then go to adbrite and sign up there as fast as possible
As afterwards they may tend to change their policies
Bidvertiser is another alternative to the google adsense but only problem with
Tend to serve ads for you every time and also their ads take up long time to get loaded
In your website and also decreases the speed of your website
They pay you either by the paypal account when the amount in your aaccount will
Reach to 10$ or by check after 50$.

Link worth is also a ad serving programme are lots of ad types to choose .
You can choose many type of the ads try it out go to this provides different ad
Which can help you to earn the money very fast

Another adsense alternative which will serve ads on your website and helps
To earn revenue but their approval is also sensitive they will check your website and approve only
If it meets their policies if your site is viewed ,more than 5000 times daily then only apply for this
Program otherwise apply other programs
To sign up as publisher visit

Axxil is another alternative go to
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advertising your business on yahoo


As explained before you need an account to enter the ads on, although there are
more companies I recommend Googel Adwords and Overture.

to watch overture's tutorials on how to get started. Please listen to the tutorial as it

guides you through the signup process. The tutorials will show you how to use the
best keywords for your ads. Please make sure you use the correct affiliate link, to
ensure this you should use the tool above.
6 steps to sign up with overture
Minimum investment to start is 10 cents

1. Setup Keywords
When someone searches on a search engine such as google, to the right hand side
are more search results. These are people like you making money entering data.
They are paying 5 - 10 cents per click but making $20+ for every sale. Alot of these
people are making thousands a day and some are even millionaires! So lets look at a
real world example. If someone wants to buy a fishing rod online,. they could search
for "cheap fishing rods" on google or yahoo. If in your account you had "cheap fishing
rods" as a keyword, you would be at the top of the results, and the user may click your
ad. If that user then decides he likes the website and would like to purchase a fishing
rod, the person who's ad it is will be paid a commission from 50% - 75% of the price of
the rod. Obviously this is a great way to make money, however picking the correct
keywords is
You need hundreds of keywords per ad, and it would be very time consuming to think
of them all. That's why I use this keyword generator to think of the keywords for me! It
basically does my job. Simply enter in a word related to the product you are
advertising e.g. fishing tackle, and hundreds of relevant keywords will appear which
you can then copy and paste into your adwords or overture account. Remember use
keywords that make sense to what you are advertising.

Let's say the company you signed up with sells "funny t-shirts", an internet user
looking to purchase this item might enter "funny clothing" on or search.
Then "funny clothing" would be a good keyword in this case.
Below is how your ads are setup, you can put anything in the title and ad lines.
Sometimes i find unusual works well to attract attention for example, "Hey Looser"
"Ditch the Boss and Enter Data Online". The more catchy your ad text is the lower you
have to pay per click.
If you are entering data for a company that sells Fishing Tackle, you can put anything
in the title, above I put "Cheap Fishing Rods"
For "Category" put anything you wish .i. e. "ads" or "fishing"... above I entered
"fishing rods"
"Keyword" use only words that are relevant to your ad. like , fishing, fly fishing,
cheap fishing tackle..etc
" Enter title" Type anything you want.."fishing rods", "quality fishing rods" etc
Enter Description: Buy Cheap Fishing Rods, We are the Webs Leading Provider
Enter URL: This Must Be YOUR AFFILIATE LINK, go back to step 1 if you do not
have an affiliate link
Once you submit your data online, It will ask you how much you want to pay for each
click, I pay $0.80/Click and make money however as many members are not
comfortable with that you can start paying just $0.10 each click.

Simply set $0.10/Click and a $100.00/Month Budget, The more you allow for
both of these the better you will do. Please keep in mind I spend $500 a day to
make $4000 every single day.’

4. SETUP CONTACT INFO & choose password
6. Fill out quick survey & YOU'RE DONE
Your account is now setup and you have submit your data
Login to your PayDotCom account when you want to check how much you have made

Step: #3 Now you have successfully signed up for an overture account, you can
simply sit back and watch the money flow in, or you could login to your account and
create a new campaign for the same site but different keywords. For example if you
used "make money" keywords last time why not try "work at home" type keywords.
Doing this will make even more money, and remember each form you submit
generates a residual income.
Log into the Main account page that looks like this below. This page shows all your
account summaries for your current day.
THEN CLICK "Manage Sponsored Search"
Once you click "MANAGE SPONSORED SEARCH", on next page, find the tab that
You can now simply repeat steps 1 - 3 whenever you want, remember we
recommend you try the site recommended above before trying any others.
Be sure to your is account "online" and not offline. If it is offline, click "off" to turn it "on"
Open an Adwords account through this link and start with a free $50!

Creating Good Ad Text And Keywords
A good way to get some text for your ads is to use yahoo or google. Just search for
related keywords such as "make money online" and use the ads which appear as a
guide. Please don't copy word for word, modify them to make it unique and that's
Below as you can see i typed in "make money online", where the red arrows point to
are sponsored results, you can use these to base your ads around as explained
above. Every single person in that list is making money, otherwise they wouldn't be
paying to have their ad there. Some will be making hundreds a day and others will be
making thousands. Think about it you can either continue your job, or do a little hard
work today and quit by next monday!
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