This describes how to promote your blogs in search engines Most of the people have created their blogs and witten lots of posts by their hard work but what if no one watches their ideas and information its of no use having a blog a blog can be thought as a personal diary to tell the world about you .your intrests and some of your ideas .

If you have a blog which has good page rank then i am sure that you can really become a famous person and you can use the same blog to earn some handsome income.To do this you need to put some efforts first and the formost thing is 
Fill your blog with more than 50 posts of same topics and submit it to the search engines like google,yahoo,etc.

2.Follow others blogs and leave as much as comments on their blogs so try to insert your blogs reference link in their blog so you will be able to get more backlinks whick helps you to increase your blogs rank.

3.Join in differnt forums and also write the ezine artiles and leave a link of your blog at your signature in forums and also in the articles .

4.Submit your blogs at all blog directories as technorati, blog catalog etc.

5.Update your blog periodically and once updated ping it with the services like so as to tell the search engines that your blog is updated.

Follow this simple steps and i am damn sure that you will be able to increase your blogs visibility and the rank of your blog within some weeks.
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