National Retail Services National Retail Services is a merchandising company that gives retailers tools and resources for product advertising and promotion. They need people to help with consulting, merchandising, and distribution tasks. Employment opportunities are available on the web site and you can find job listings sorted by state and type. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Star Merchandising Service Star Merchandising Service provides merchandisers to retail businesses in Northern areas of California and Nevada. They are looking for team members to handle a full battery of merchandising task such as marketing, display maintenance, and resets. Interested parties can submit an electronic resume via the company’s website. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Timely Retail Solutions (TRS) Timely Retail Solutions gives general retailers primary merchandising services in a wide variety of areas. IIn addition to making money by passing out samples, you can make money with event planning, fixture set up, and mystery shopping. Interested applicants can fill out an online employment inquiry through the web site. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Campaigners, Inc. This company is looking for both field delegates and corporate staff. Click on the “Careers” link and if you’re interested in being a field delegate, click on that link on the left side of the page. Field delegates hand out samples at a number of stores, usually in four-hour shifts. The “Apply for the Job” link will take you directly to the online application. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site CrossMark Sales and Marketing CrossMark offers retailing and merchandising positions across the United States and Canada. To register with the company, you will want to click on the “Employment/Apply for a Job” link and then click on the link that says “To apply for a merchandising or retail position, click here.” You’ll be able to fill out and submit your application online. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site CRS/Lawrence Service This company is in search of individuals to perform merchandising tasks at stores like Wal-Mart and Target. The company has an online application that you can fill out. Once you fill out the application, the company will contact you about possible opportunities within their company. Editor Rating:
Ease of Use: Rate this Site Eagle Merchandising Services, Inc. This company provides essential services for various retailers who are located in the New England and New York areas. These services include store audits, inventory checks, resets, new store setups, and secret shopper services. Eagle Merchandising Services offers competitive wages, a benefits package and travel reimbursement as well. A ‘Potential Employee Information Form’ is located under Job Opportunities at their website as well as a ‘Contact Us’ link for email inquiries. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site FIELDFLEX , USA /Innovative Space Mgmt. Fieldflex, a division of Diam International, provides retail stores and manufactures with in-store displays as well as installation services. They also offer warehousing and telemarketing abilities to their clients. Employment opportunities can be found by completion of a online inquiry form or via an email link. Both are located on the company website. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Keystone Marketing Specialists Keystone marketing Specialists provide tools and resources for business that operate in the retail and reselling sectors. They provide training tools, field representatives and a full line of related services. Applications for employment may be completed via the companies website or by submission via the address provided on the site. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Lantis Merchandising Services (LMS) LMS is a merchandising provider who seeks to cover all aspects of product merchandising across a variety of categories. You can make money by replenishing stock, performing maintenance and doing product demonstrations. Career choices are varied and stretch across the continental U.S. Email addresses are provided at the company’s site for resume submission. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Market Pros, Inc. Market Pros is looking for individuals to add to its experienced team of merchandisers and demonstrators. The company handles product promotions, product shelf related tasks and secret shopper functions. Job applications may be submitted via the company’s web site and other information may be requested by mail, phone, or fax. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Marketing Solutions Int'l MSI is a merchandising and promotional service that offers retailers marketing services. They're looking for individuals that will help them provide companies with display set up, new product promotion and various related tasks such as mystery shopping. Job applicants may gain further information by referencing the ‘contact us’ link located on the web site. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site MCA-Merchandising Consultants Associates This Canadian based merchandising company provides product demonstrations, and a multi-layer workforce team that covers many areas of product sales and promotion. If you'd like to be a part of their merchandising and product demonstration team, current opportunities can be found at the company’s website. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site MERCHANDISERS UNLIMITED, INC Merchandisers Unlimited, Inc. is a full service retail merchandising provider. The company is looking for people to help with training, merchandising , and in-store demos. Potential employees will find more information at the website where online resume submission is available as well as an address for hard copy submissions. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Mosaic Sales Solutions – Irvine Mosaic Sales Solutions offers retailers full service merchandising. The company is looking for people interested in helping with duties related to selling, acquisition, and marketing. Prospective employees will find a basic Q & A section at the website as well as instructions on how to apply for a job. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site National In-Store National In-Store provides companies with reporting and auditing, promotional services, and secret shopping. Employment applicants with a good disposition and work ethic can apply via an online application. Further information may be found at the company’s web site. Simply click on the appropriate link on the front page to find out more informaiton about the opportunity you're interested in. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Prism Retail Services Prism Retail Services is a full-service product marketing firm. This company offers their clients a wide spectrum of merchandising services. They are hiring individuals who can help with event planning, new item promotion and other related services. Job seekers can get more information by visiting the ‘Employment Opportunities’ link located on the web site. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Archway Merchandising Services Archway Merchandising Services, previously know as ServiceAvantage, is a provider of market and merchandising related services that benefit the business retailer. Job opportunities include management, reporting, fulfillment, and customer service. Applicants will find available employment opportunities on the company website. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site SPAR Management Services SPAR is a multi-faceted merchandising business that caters to the retail industry on an international level. The services provided range from general merchandising and marketing to industry knowledge and RFID services. Applicants can expect reasonable hours and numerous perks and benefits. An online job application is available for interested parties. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Standard Merchandising Solutions, Ltd. SMS, a division of National Marketing Services, is a multiple option service provider for the retail industry. Opportunities include store set-ups, planning, remodeling and numerous other industry-related tasks. Potential applicants can get employment information via email inquiry. Editor Rating:
Ease of Use: Storecast Merchandising Corporation This company is a provider of merchandising services for retail businesses across the U.S. Opportunities include conducting surveys, performing audits and planning. There are also additional opportunities in regards to special projects. Interested applicants can find employment information on the website in the form of an online employment form and also though the ‘contact us link’ for general inquiries. Ease of Use: Rate this Site Strategic Merchandising Partners This business is a provider to the retail/reseller business sector. They offer services that are consistent with other merchandising firms. Opportunities include display keeping, training, telemarketing and other related tasks. Interested individuals will find further job information via their website. An online application is available. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site The Sunflower Group The Sunflower group provides merchandising services with a focus on product brands. You can make money passing out samples in addition to numerous other positions . The company website provides a listing of available positions for potential applicants. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Wolfe Retail Services, Inc. Wolfe Retail Services is a complete merchandising provider for the retail industry. In addition to passing out samples, interested parties can make money in positions such as planning, presentation and training and reporting. Job seekers may access the ‘Opportunities’ link on the company website for online resume submission. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Advanced Retail Merchandising Inc. This company provides quality services to leading retailers and brand marketers in the Southeastern part of the United States. The company offers employment opportunities in merchandising activities, display & fixture installations, and market research projects. Click on the “employment” link to get information on how to apply. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Certified Marketing Services Inc. This company provides merchandising and secret shopping services to retail chains across the country. Click on the “Field Worker Access/Login” button to access the fieldworker section of the website and then click on the “register” link to begin the company’s registration process. All field representatives must be at least 18 years of age and will be handled as an independent contractor. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Classic Demos Inc. Click on the “Opportunities” link located on the front page of this website to learn about the merchandising and demo opportunities that this company has available. You’ll be able to fill out the company’s online application and a representative will contact you regarding jobs and pay structure. Currently, opportunities are only available in Utah, Idaho , Nevada , Wyoming , Colorado , Montana , New Mexico , and Southwest Texas. Editor Rating:

Ease of Use: Rate this Site New Concepts in Marketing NCIM presents retailers with a broad spectrum of marketing strategies and services. Some of the services provided include sampling, management, and mystery shopping. Employees of this company can expect a flexible schedule, weekly pay, and involvement with some of the newest products on the market. The company’s website also offers an online submission form for interested parties as well as access to various other forms needed for employment. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site News America Marketing News America Marketing is a merchandising company that presents retailers with the ability to access various streams of media across a wide spectrum of outlets. Click on "Demonstrator Opportunities" to find out how to become a product demonstrator for the company. The company pays every Friday for the work you performed the previous week and they let you create your own schedule. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Northeast Support Services, Inc. This 3rd party merchandising company supplies retailers with various support services. You can make money setting up displays, performing new product introductions and other related tasks. Potential employees may apply for a job via the online application that is available though the web site. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Premium Retail Services Premium Retail Services provides retailers and manufacturers with a number of quality merchandising services. They are looking for people to help with retail planning, merchandise display, fixture tasks, and other market related endeavors. Applicants may access the company's application through the website and can view job postings. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site PromoWorks PromoWorks is a marketing service company with a North American presence that provides retail businesses with services which center around the various stages of marketing. Job opportunities include tasks related to cut-ins, category resets, P.O.P. Set-Up, Display Building, Shelf Tags, Fixture Installations, Customized Audits, Data Reporting, Distribution Verification, and New Store Remodeling. Interested applicants may contact the company via the mail and email address’s that are provided on the website. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Quality Marketing Group This multi-servicing company is a provider of various merchandising resources geared toward the retail sector. They need invidiuals who are interested in helping with marketing demonstrations. The company website provides potential employees access to an online application and assures contact by an employment representative. Editor Rating:

Ease of Use: Rate this Site Randy Putnam & Associates This company is a provider of a full array of merchandising services for retail businesses. Opportunities include functions such as analysis, planning, and demonstration responsibilities. Job opportunities may be obtained through the company information that is provided at the web site. Editor Rating: Ease of Use: Rate this Site Resource-Plus Resource-Plus specializes in retail marketing and merchandising businesses nationwide. The website offers information about various jobs and positions that are available with the company. The website also offers informaiton in regards to where to submit your resume and how to contact the company. Editor Rating:
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