how to effectively advertise on google adwords


Creating a Google Adwords Account
You need either an adwords or overture account, signing up and getting started is
explained below.
As explained before you need an account to enter the ads on, although there are
more companies but I recommend Google Adwords and Overture.. The tutorials
will show you how to use the best keywords for your ads. Please make sure you use
your correct affiliate link when entering data on Google Adwords or Overture, to
ensure this you should use the tool above.

1. Choosing Edition
When registering for a google Adwords account the first step is to choose between
two edition, the first one is the starter edition while the other is the standard edition, I
recommend the starter edition if you are new to internet advertising, but if you are very
familiar with google Adwords you can go ahead for the standard edition, below is a
snapshot of the selection page.

2. Target Customers
This is where you choose the location of your customer, you can select from nearly
200 countries or to specific cities or regions, the location you select will determine the
kind of people that will see the Data you entered. Below is a picture of the location
selection page.

3. Enter Data
Here is where you begin to enter data for the companies you choose to promote
from your PayDotCom account, please enter your affiliate link correctly when filling
the forms. When filling the form you have to select https:// from the drop down menu
on the left before entering your affiliate link, so if your affiliate link looks like this after copying it or writing it down from
PayDotCom, when you want to fill the affiliate link on the google Adwords form, then
you will have to select https:// from the dropdown menu on the left and then enter into the text field beside the dropdown menu.
Please dont enter in the textfield ,only
enter and please remember to replace the xxxx
with your PayDotCom username. Below is a snapshot of the form.
Then you have to write your heading and Ad description in the form. Let's say the
company you signed up with sells "funny t-shirts", an internet user looking to purchase
this item might enter "funny clothing" on or search.
Then "funny clothing" would be a good keyword in this case.
Below is how your ads are setup, you can put anything in the heading and ad lines.
Sometimes i find unusual works well to attract attention for example, "Hey Looser"
"Ditch the Boss and Enter Data Online". The more catchy your ad text is the lower you
have to pay per click.
If you are entering data for a company that sells Shoes, you can put anything in the
title, above I put "Enter Data Online"
Enter URL: This Must Be YOUR AFFILIATE LINK, go back to step 1 if you do not
have an affiliate link
Enter Heading: Type anything you want.."Data Entry", "Make Money Online" etc
Enter Description: Make Money Entering Data Online e.t.c
Enter Display URL: This is the URL the will just be displayed on your Ad(not
Your Affiliate Link) , you can enter

4. Setup Keywords
When someone searches on a search engine such as google, to the right hand side
are more search results. These are people like you making money entering data.
They are paying 5 - 10 cents per click but making $20+ for every sale. Alot of these
people are making thousands a day and some are even millionaires! So lets look at a
real world example. If someone wants to buy a shoe, they could search for "cheap
shoes" on google or yahoo. If in your account you had "cheap shoes" as a keyword,
you would be at the top of the results, and the user may click your ad. If that user then
decides he likes the website and would like to purchase a shoe, the person who's ad it
is will be paid a commission from 50% - 75% of the price of the shoe. Obviously this is
a great way to make money, however picking the correct keywords is crucial.
When people search Google for the keywords you choose here, your ad can show.
Keywords must be directly related to your ad. (Don't enter 'real estate' when you're
selling cars.) Enter 20 or fewer keywords for best results.
You need hundreds of keywords per ad, and it would be very time consuming to think
of them all. That's why I use this keyword generator to think of the keywords for me! It
basically does my job. Simply enter in a word related to the product you are
advertising e.g. shoes, and hundreds of relevant keywords will appear which you can
then copy and paste into your google adwords keyword field . Remember use
keywords that make sense to what you are advertising.

5. Setting Your Budgets
Once you submit your data online, It will ask you how much you want to pay for each
click, I pay $0.80/Click and make money however as many members are not
comfortable with that you can start paying just $0.10 each click.
Simply set $0.10/Click and a $100.00/Month Budget, The more you allow for
both of these the better you will do. Please keep in mind I spend $500 a day to
make $4000 every single day.
Please Note: You do not have to type everyday, once your ads are on
google/yahoo and are getting clicked, you should be making good money. If
you are not getting many clicks try increasing how much you pay, as I said
before i pay $0.80 a click and could even pay $1.50 and still make money!
IMPORTANT: Make Money Without Investing First
If you wouldnt like to use Adwords, and dont have any more money to invest, we have
found a great way of getting thousands of people looking at your links almost instantly.
The site is called trafficswarm and you click on others websites and in turn they click
on yours. We recommend you upgrade to a pro member and use your bonus credits
to earn although this is not neccessary.
To signup PLEASE VISIT click "Join For Free", you can then add your
affiliate link in the members area, and click on others sites to earn credits. This is a
fast and free way of instantly earning.
6. SETUP CONTACT INFO & choose password

Your account is now setup and you have submit your data
Login to your PayDotCom account when you want to check how much you have made.
Now you have successfully signed up for a google Adwords account, you can simply
sit back and watch the money flow in, or you could login to your account and create a
new campaign for the same site but different keywords. For example if you used
"make money" keywords last time why not try "work at home" type keywords. Doing
this will make even more money, and remember each form you submit generates a
residual income.
Log into the Main account page that looks like this below. This page shows all your
account summaries for your current day.


Once you are started you will receive a never ending stream of income, Its Great.
All you need to do is is give the program a fair try and I guarantee you this program
will change your life!
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