paid for shoppings

Paid for Shopping is really just that. Name brand stores pay different people
across the US to go and eat at their establishment. While there, the shopper will
take notes on services, taste, appearance, etc. This is a great way for companies to
see how their establishment is performing. Not to mention, it puts some good
cash in the shopper’s pockets.
Who is Paid for Shopping programs for?
Paid for shopping is best for that person that is home all day looking for
something to do. You will probably not get rich doing this, but you can make a
decent income on the side. Stay at home moms find this very interesting because
there is no commitment and the hours are quite flexible. You could easily bring
your child with you on these shopping assignments.
How much can I make with Paid for Shopping Programs?
A typical rate for Paid for shopping programs is $10-$40 per hour, plus free
meals, movies, ad other various prizes.
Not, at all for Indians, hence no point in talking about the same. If you want
some details, one such company is
Shopping Jobs Here: The link for the same is
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