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These is the another way of making a cheap and millions of money just by sitting at home
COMMISION JUNCTION or cj is the one of the best affiliate program site .
Through cj peoples are making lots of money just by doing the work for
couple of minutes in these. you dont have to do anything you may act as a middle man
between the cj advertisers and the customers all the work of selling and transaction will be done by
the appropriate advertiser and the cj engineers.

Before joining to cj please see that your files will be full of contents and it should be visited many times
otherwise when you will send an request to the advertisers they may not approve your request

Another most important think you should never click on their ads manually if you will do so
then advertisers may reject you

never try to bring to the peoples to your site by fraud links cj treates spamming seriously and your
account ay be disclosed.
so always be fair to what you are doing. And please dont think that you will become millionaire over a night

In cj your roll will be just as the publisher once you will become a member of a cj you will
be signing of with the different advertisers these advertisers will provide you with a affiliate link
You will have to paste these link in your website and whenever customer of that advertisers
will click on the link you will get the incentives if the customer will buy that product then you will
get a commission that may be between 25%to50% of the product cost


1. Go to

2.sign up as a cj publisher.

3:For signing up with cj you will need to have your own website .
if you dont have any website then dont worry i will help you to create one


Now if you have your own website then don’t worry refer the steps below.
4.Once your application is accepted by cj They will send you your username and pasword in your
email address which you have specified in cj application form
5.Copy your username and password in safe place as you will require it many every time you log in to cj

6.Now login to cj by entering your email id and the password.

7.Then you will see many advertisers with their products in your account page. As a publisher.Apply for the
different advertisers once your application will be accepted by the advertisers they will provide you with a
banner or a text link code.

8.You just have to copy that code and paste it in your sites HTML source .

9.Then the ads will start on your website whenever any user will click on that and will make a purchase
you will get a commission which will be added in your cj account page.

10.once your commission will reach to 100$ a cheque will be sent on your name .

11.If you want to make more money just in few days then you will have to start promoting your
advertisers through the google adwords for details go on google adwords page.

If you want any help from me then don’t worry just mail me at the link below.
mail me

You can promote your advertisers through so many other means also but i will tell you about that
when you will mail me for further enquiry
so if really want to be a succsesful person in your life with internet business then you will
have to put some efforts otherwise you will not be a succesful internet marketer
Keep in mind always one think success comes to those who really deserves it.
so if you are one of them then dont worry you will be one of them
I have written these tips for free because i have already got a great experience about these
online marketing business and i want the persons like you who really want to achieve
great things in your life to go into these marketing field and make your future bright
There are lots of other sites which you can use to make money for free which i will let you
know when you will be contacting me for further information on my mail id:mail


then why you are waiting for give a kick start to your business that’s also for free.

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